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WINDOW SAFETY FILM - CHOOSING THE RIGHT ONE        Read our testimonials

WOBI has helped many homeowners in Toronto with choosing Window Safety and security films. There are a wide variety of film to choose from to protect your home.

Security film is thicker than regular window film for your home. They generally tend to use a pressure-sensitive adhesive type of material, which is designed so you can prevent glass breakage, along with holding glass pieces together while the glass gets broken.

Another type of window film is decorative window film can that be used for decorative purposes such as sun and obscurity protection. Adding this type of heat-reflective film for these windows can help reduce the sun's heat that comes into the home and substantially saves on the cooling costs.

If you are looking to make your home safer, while preventing fading for your drapes and furniture and to improve your home's insurance, you need to select a quality product and WOBI will help with deciding which product is best suited. You can have an expert installer certified with Internation Window Film Assocation (IWFA) install the window film.

WOBI is here to ensure that through the crime deflection inspection, you will be able to get the right type of window film for either your home and office building that will ensure safety and protection in Toronto from burglars and the surrounding areas within the GTA. Before the situation gets too sticky, call us, before the burglars call on you®.

Window Saefty Tips - choosing the right installer