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TOOL SAFETY TIPS REGARDING YOUR LADDER                Read our testimonials

One of the most important rules when protecting your home according to WOBI is not to help the burglar. Make their job very difficult.

Make sure to lock your vehicles and home at all times when you leave. Regardless of how long you will be away, secure and lock every lock.

Never leave objects outside of your home that can be used by the burglar to get into your home. Things such as loose rocks, ladders, tools, please don't leave them outside. Make it very hard for the burglar to get into your home, don't give them the upper hand. Keep your home safe and clean and free of debris.

Pretend you are a burglar and imagine ways that you would try to get in. WOBI recommends that you do this regularly in Toronto during the night and day. Try to change anything that you see as a weak point, and if you cannot, contact WOBI for an inspection to see how we can help with your home in Toronto.

Always keep an eye on the neighbourhood, if you notice something suspicious, get your neighbours involved. We are sure that your neighbour will be happy to hear that you are keeping an eye on the neighbourhood. You will find your neighbours do the same thing by starting to watch and report suspicious behaviour as well. Something like a ladder will be an easy way for a burglar to get in.

Trust the experts at WOBI who will be able to provide you with the right type of protection for your home and home protection services in Toronto.

Tool Safety Tips - Don't leave a ladder outside