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WOBI is here to ask you, that if you want to make your home burglar-proof, you need to make sure that you do two things and to keep in mind: practice defensive landscaping and defence shrubbery (CPTED).

Landscaping that involves bushes, vines and trees will help beautify your yard definitely in Toronto, however, this can also be used to make sure the burglar does not see your home as a target. In Toronto, WOBI has done surveys of homes to help residents figure out where and how they can maximize security and minimize risk. Homeowners sometimes are told to replace locks, windows and doors. However, two other important factors for protecting your home in Toronto are landscaping and lighting.

WOBI in Toronto call it "crime prevention through environmental design," (CPTED) but the principles are simple. Make sure that you Increase the visibility within the yard, make sure that you limit access to your property for the burglar in Toronto and ensure that you eliminate hiding spots. Make sure that plants are short enough to see over and that the trees you plant are tall enough to scare off a burglar from climbing up one and you want to ensure the outside of your home is well-lit at night.

You want to keep your bushes (including hedges) trimmed to no more than 3 feet tall for your home in Toronto. Taller trees give the burglars a good hiding spot, and WOBI says that is a no-no. In addition, they suggest the first 7 feet of branches be cut to avoid someone from climbing to an attic or second floor along with visibility restraints.

WOBI can help you with providing valuable insights to maintaining your yard while still keeping it safe in Toronto. As you can see, call us, before the burglars call on you®.

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