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CHILD SAFETY TIPS ON THE INTERNET                              Read our testimonials

WOBI knows that the internet is growing for children, and that children are learning earlier and earlier on navigating the internet. Everywhere you look from LEGO, BARBIE to Nickelodeon and even your Toronto local public library, children are encouraged to log on. The internet offers entertainment in the form of games, and colouring pages, however, also offers educational information with current events and classroom assignments.

Children know how to access these resources, and if not, are learning so in Toronto, but do they truly understand the safety of the internet? Sadly, the internet can also be a very dangerous place. The main hunting ground of hackers within Toronto that are looking to have fun for themselves by reeking terror on your system, identity thieves, and child predators.

WOBI has some safety tips to keep your children safe online:
- Parents should always make sure to monitor children’s email, any social media and chat room conversations, and the websites they visit online. Consider spending money on software that can monitor children’s web surfing in Toronto and block foul words, images, and sites and there are places that sell that software in Toronto.
- Children should never give out identifying information online, like there names, their address, their phone number over the internet.
- Younger children may want to “sign-up” to join areas to connect with friends. Many of these sites are proper and can help your child, however, you as a parent must help them to provide your child's personal information. Children should only join pages like facebook with parental approval and oversight.

You as a parent need to protect your children online, and these are some valuable tips that WOBI can provide you for your child.

Child Safety Tips - keeping your child safe online