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WOBI stresses attention when inserting a fence into your backyard as many things that arise that are deemed problematic within your home. Correct installation of your fence makes all the difference from protecting your Toronto home from break-ins. WOBI provides you with tips on what needs to be done. You need to make sure that you:

1.Make sure that your fence has enough space between the boards to be able to see in, as the image on the right indicates so burlgars cannot hide as easy.
2.Make sure that installation is designed to prevent a break-in from getting through a fence.
3.Please Install gates correctly in your Toronto home such as gates swinging in and out, gate locks that are properly installed within the proper height
4.Try to build or install a fence that is strong enough not to be tampered with by a burglar and make sure they can not break-in. Professional installations in Toronto need to make sure that the posts are 4 ft. deep in concrete in order to be secure.
5.A (CPTED) principle states that the most effective fence is to have a chain link because all crime will be visible to neighbours around your home.

Being too private can create problems, thus call us, before the burglars call on you®.

Fence Safety Tips - Install a fence accordingly