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A garage door is the largest moving object in your home. WOBI wants to let you know that this door can be a liability to your home. The door is often operated by an electric door opener. You will need to have proper installation, testing and maintenance to keep the garage in a safe working condition. A garage opener that is not properly installed may end up in a serious situation including break-ins not to mention some cases serious injury. WOBI is proud to offer you these easy to follow tips. Remember, WOBI in Toronto says that knowledge is the key to preventing crime on your home is the best defence for preventing break-ins and accidents which could have been avoided in Toronto.

1. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS IF DOING A SELF INSTALL. (We strongly recommend using a qualified service installer in Toronto to protect your home)

2 . Remember to make sure that you treat your garage door remote control as if it is a key. Make sure not to leave it within your car where it is visible - make sure to hide it within the glove compartment, or console or anywhere else in your car, but don't leave it stuck to the visor where it can be seen by burglars.

3 . Never stand or walk under a moving door, even if there are sensors to prevent the door from continuing the action. Do not let children play there as well. It can be dangerous and will result in serious injury. Adults should set a good example.

4. Unhook the safety rope from the arm of the garage door, as it should only be used when the power goes off or there is a black out to open your garage door.

This is will lead to a safe home in Toronto and if you have any question, or are interested in a home inspection, contact WOBI today. Without being tangled up, call us, before the burglars call on you®.

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