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POOL SAFETY TIPS... PLEASE LOCK YOUR GATES           Read our testimonials

WOBI cannot stress enough the importance of pool safety in and around the home, and if you have a pool in your backyard, please take the time to read this and protect your home from burglars in Toronto. Always keep self-closing gate hinges well oiled and maintained. Self-closing gates within the safety barrier of your swimming pool in Toronto needs to be well maintained on a regular basis. However, if the hinges, or any other part of the self-closing gate, requires to be fixed along with being maintained beyond adding just oil, WOBI says to call a Toronto contractor who has enough professional experience while maintaining and fixing swimming pool fences with self-closing gates to protect your home.

It is important to remember that a self-closing gate should always open away from the swimming pool, a staple of rules for safety. When your swimming pool fence is being constructed, WOBI in Toronto wants you to make sure that the self-closing gate to your swimming pool will swing outward and away from the pool at all times.

Every time someone enters into your swimming pool area, please make sure that they close and secure the pool gate. This is very important in Toronto when you have contracted someone to work on your swimming pool.

WOBI also says that when you are watching your child in the swimming pool, if you need to leave for any reason (answering a phone or a knock at the door), always take your child with you and be sure to close the gate to the swimming pool area. WOBI is here to help you, contact us for a home inspection today.

Pool Safety Tips - always lock your gates