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With so many up and coming tricks, burglars are always feeling that they are one step ahead, however, WOBI is always staying on top of tricks in Toronto as well. One new way to break in is called "Lock Bumping". What is it exactly however? First off, the tool used in lock bumping is called a “bump key” - a special type of key that is created with filing down a typical key which would normally be used for that particular type of lock. If you hear a locksmith in Toronto referring to a “999″ key, they are usually talking about a bump key, as the major setting a locksmith uses to file a key down to would be the number “9″, a setting that files the key right down to the rim.

If you find yourself the victim of a home burglary that is carried out from the act of lock bumping in Toronto, the worst thing is, as you might have guessed, is that there are no real threat or signs of the break-in in Toronto. With a lock bumping action, there are no signs from forced entry: doors being kicked in, no windows broken, and so on. This will create problems with your insurance company most definitely, as most companies will do anything to avoid a claim.

Make sure to use a high-security cylinder for your door to prevent bump key burglaries in Toronto.

Upgrade your home security. WOBI understands what it takes to avoid lock bumping in your home. Contact us today, and call us, before the burglars call on you®.

Lock Bumping - prevent it from happening