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Initially starting with a background in renovating and installing windows, doors and locks, we at WOBI had follow-up calls from home owners to repair damage caused by break-ins. With a desire to understand what the burglar would do to break-in, we analyzed what was continuously being targeted as vulnerable points within the home. Thus, we created WOBI Inc.


With over 15 years of experience, we want you to have a home that is safer. That is why, our crime deflection inspection program, coupled with our safety products for your home, makes WOBI a great choice when wanting to safely ward off all threats.


We provide you with assessments to protect your home from all vital areas. Such areas include your windows, and provide you with information on ways to secure your home in Toronto and not letting your windows be a weak point. We also offer you with products that will prevent your door from being kicked in with door safety locks.


Let us provide you with that initial consultation needed to prevent a break in from happening again, or the first time. There are many ways that burglars will gain entry to a home, know where your home needs to be dealt with so you don't become a target in Toronto. Trust the experts at WOBI, and remember, call us, before the burglars call on you®.

Avoid break-ins, get the protection you need