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The Door Guardian has been designed to effectively secure and childproof the exterior doors in custom built homes, condos, student residence centres, home cottages and apartments.

The Door Guardian has also been used effectively to keep inside and prevent wandering: autistic children, kids that sleepwalk and adults that have Alzheimer's disease. The Door Guardian is an effective solution in securing and reinforcing exterior doors for Latchkey Kids.

A burglar can enter your home, simply by kicking in your door in no time, something that is a real serious threat. It is that type of threat that can definitely be avoided and WOBI will provide you with the right type of products to make you feel safer.

From the Door Guardian to offering you with installation of door safe products to protect the door from its most vulnerable areas, burglaries and robbery attempts will be minimized.

We offer you with our crime deflection inspection, then provide you with options regarding installing these door safety products on your doors all over the home from the front entry point, the back door entryway and any sliding doors. We service your home in Toronto, along with servicing the GTA, such as Mississauga, Georgetown, Brampton and Richmond Hill.

Door Products - avoid getting your door kicked in